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bride and groom walking and smiling

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I have got such a treat for you on this (gorgeous, after hurricane Irma!) September morning.  Weeks ago, I photographed Cynthia and Rodrigo’s engagement session.  I met up with Cynthia and Rodrigo and their family at Crandon Park  to take the happiest engagement photographs ever and I loved every single minute of their session.

Cynthia and Rodrigo– who live here in Miami are getting married this Winter! – They are such a fun and amazing couple and they have the cutest family. They met in high-school but started dating later when life brought them together again, it was meant to be…

 So excited to share these and can’t even wait for Cynthia and Rodrigo to tie the knot in December!



Family smiling kids playing with leaves

family walking at the park

couple smiling and joking at the beachbride to be in a flow dress bride to be in a salmon dress bride to be laughing

bride and groom kissing

gorgeous engagement session

couple in the water

bride and groom walking at the beach

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wedding album in coffee table

I don’t like wedding albums … I ADORE wedding albums! I passionately believe in them and the value they provide to my clients.

If you’re engaged and are thinking whether a wedding album is worth the money, this is for you!!
We’re living in a digital age, and that especially applies to photos. We take and store more photographs than any generation before us, but we tend to print never print anything. We keep everything in our phones, how many of those have you printed and displayed? A wedding album takes your photos out of the digital world and puts them right onto your coffee table or bookshelf. An album is what you will look at time and time again, you will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages, you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand children. Looking at the images on your computer or an ipad just isn’t the same. An album makes your wedding photos available and present in your everyday.

Also, a wedding album offers high quality of construction and design.  A professional wedding album is a high quality artifact crafted by professional printers and binders, who usually offer their services exclusively to professional photographers. The ones that I use for my clients are Millers and Red Tree Albums  — both high quality options. But whatever company your photographer uses, they have to choose a company that will provide you with an excellent quality album that will last a long time.

If you decide to DIY your photo album, take in consideration that a wedding album is not just a bunch of pictures assembled into a book – it’s designed to show your wedding story in a compelling manner, customized just for you.

wedding album in coffee table

I feel so strongly that wedding albums are valuable for every couple. When things get rough, as they do in this life, your wedding album will be a reminder of your love and the value of your relationship.

wedding album in coffee table side of wedding album You can share your story with future generations. I personally like to look through my grandma’s albums. I remember how we used to talk about the people, the details, the emotions. So many stories she shared with me. I think a wedding album not only preserves the memories of your love for you and your spouse, but for your family both current and future!

Make it your first family heirloom!! enjoy it with your children and grandchildren. That’s what I love about wedding albums.

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They are the real deal and, as I went through their engagement photographs – so many photographs stopped me because, as soon as I saw them, my face broke into the most massive and ridiculous grin. Heidy and Adurys are so full of heart and, together, they make such a lovely couple and I am so, so happy for them as they start this new adventure together!

Congratulations, Heidy and Adurys!! You guys are incredible!

They met at church & became good friends as time went on. As they got to know each other more,  Heidy discovered that Adurys had a crush on her way before they had become friends & was determined to win her heart.  He proposed on Thanksgiving last year at a family dinner with only close friends and family present.  Heidy didn’t see it coming at all! huge surprise for her…he got so nervous and shy, and let me tell you Adurys is not shy at all, he is very outgoing and extremely funny. He wanted to keep making Heidy the happiest girl on earth by marrying her… and of course she said YES!

We took these photographs on the hottest day in July at the BEAUTIFUL Matheson Hammock Park 

They are super in love and, best of all, so fun to photograph. Enjoy their pretty photos!!!

couple with greenery behind them


couple kissing



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Not gonna lie – I totally gifted this family session to Erin and Charlie and it was awesome.

Charlie and Erin were each other prom dates and have been together for 18 years . They even grew up together before dating!  All of their family is in New Jersey and they came to Miami 5 years ago.  This sweet couple eloped to Hawaii for their Wedding in 2014, and had their cute baby Charlie last year.

Seriously!! Charlie is such a cute, fun, curious  little baby and I wouldn’t look at these unless you want a severe case of baby fever.

Thanks for being awesome, Charlie and Erin! I loved meeting you guys!!

family at the beachbaby girl in overalls

Bride and groom to be

Getting engaged is always exciting.  But along with the rush of happiness and anticipation,  I know for a fact that many couples feel overwhelmed when they get engaged. With everything there is to do before the wedding, they felt pressured to get everything started right away!

So here are some suggestions that I followed myself. If you are newly engaged, here are the three things that you need to do. Focus on these tips,  and I am pretty confident that you’ll feel so much less overwhelmed!

1. Dont hide!
What I mean by this is to mentally stop and be present in the moment. This is life-changing and deserve all of your attention. Most of the time you can get so caught up in the excitement of what is happening that you can fail to really take it in. So, pause for a little. These are stories and memories that you’ll remember forever!  Pay attention to what you and your brand new fiancé are doing, wearing, even the places you’re visiting. Definitely some pictures! Getting engaged is a meaningful occasion, and it deserves your full attention!

Coupe with ocean behind them

2. Tell your family and close friends!
We all have a few people in our lives who we need to pay an in-person visit or a given them a phone call about the big news! The first person I called was my grandmother…and my excitement grew even more just by telling her. Think about the people who should hear about your engagement personally, rather than stumbling across it on Instagram or Facebook. You can choose to tell only  your parents, or you might need to call all 20 of your closest friends. You and your fiancé will probably have so much fun calling your loved ones and hearing their congratulations. Share with others!!

3. Don’t plan yet
Talk with your fiancé and wait a certain amount of time just to enjoy being engaged. Pretty soon, you will start planning the wedding and making all of the countless decisions that requires. That’s why it can be so beneficial to set a short period of time  while you experience being engaged to one another. You’ll be together for a lifetime, but you’ll only be engaged for a short time.

Couple at Brandon Park



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